Intro to Procreate Supplies List

Every item on this page is a part of my creative toolbox. Nearly every one of these is a product I’ve purchased or have experience with and would recommend, so I hope you find them helpful too. This page contains some affiliate links, which means if you decide to purchase something using the links below, I’ll receive a small commission at no extra cost to you (so a huge thank you if you use one of these links!).

Minimum Supplies


I’m often asked which iPad is the best value for Procreate – to help, I wrote a full blog post answering this question here.

Apple recently updated the iPad Pro models. Based on the specs, I would also recommend the new iPad Pro, however, they are not expected to be available until the second half of May.

For models that are currently available (as of early May 2021) I recommend the iPad Air:

    Apple Pencil

    There are two versions of the Apple Pencil and it is important to be aware that compatibility differs between iPad models.

    For the iPad models mentioned above, the second generation Apple Pencil is the compatible device:

    For other models or older devices, the first generation Apple Pencil may be compatible:


    Procreate is an iPad exclusive application that you can purchase via the link below:


    Depending on the style of calligraphy you want to write, there may be a standard brush that you can use.

    For broad nib or blackletter styles, you will need to use custom brushes.

    I’ve provided free sample Blackletter Procreate brushes from my Essential Blackletter Brush Toolkit in my FREE Treasure Trove.

    You can get the Procreate brushes, calligraphy guides, and much more by signing up for my community newsletter.

    Learn more here or get the Treasure Trove now by signing up below.

      Additional Resources

      The supplies listed in this section are not required or needed for the workshop. They are provided in case you would like to explore some other creative tools.


      I have made a variety of collections of blackletter brushes and tools specifically for use with Procreate. Each collection includes over 50 blackletter and special effects brushes, calligraphy guides, and more.