Hi, my name’s Tamer and I’m an artist, instructor, and entrepreneur. Thanks for stopping by to learn a little more about me. 

The short version of why I made the journey into art is quite simply because I love it. I love the entire process – the experimentation, planning, creating, and sharing each piece. I also love helping others discover the joy that they can experience from bringing more creativity into their lives. 


My calligraphic work is an exploration of language as visual art. I love working with simple, traditional tools to reimagine inspiring words and passages as visual art. I also explore abstract ideas by creating works composed of flourishes and the calligraphic strokes of deconstructed letterforms. I love this journey – the countless hours of detailed practice, repetition, exploration, and creativity. Reality fades and I find stillness, peace, and focus while working. I became, and continue to be, fascinated by this art form and consumed by the perpetual pursuit of continuous improvement and mastery.


My photography is an exploration of beauty and an expression of my personal connection to nature. As I found my life trending more towards perpetual digital connectivity, entertainment, and distraction, I found that my awareness of the natural, tangible world and the experience it offers to be diminished. My photography has been a means for me to re-establish and maintain this connection, to become more present in each moment, and to find silence, stillness, focus, and joy. The process of making each image is an invitation to experience the light, colors, shapes, contours, and sensations of each environment – it is an opportunity to find moments of balance and peace as all of these elements dance. Whether capturing a grand vista or the delicate details of an intimate scene, I continue to find immense fulfillment in discovering these moments of peace and in expressing them through my photography.


‣ Art Prints

Professional quality, limited edition fine art prints

‣ Instruction & Workshops

Private instruction, online courses, and live speaking events/workshops

‣ Live Calligraphy

Live calligraphy for corporate and private events

‣ Typography

Custom hand lettering designs on a variety of media and formats

Say Hello!

For inquiries, please send me a message via the contact link below. You can also find me on Social Media via the links under the contact button.

Some Random Facts

I play guitar and used to teach. I still play for fun whenever I can and and am currently also learning to play the ukulele.

I love art and drawing. I grew up with comic books and was particularly mesmerized by the art that was packed into each of my favorite titles every month. I continue to be amazed by all of the incredibly talented artists out there – both traditional and digital. I hope to be able to get back into this more actively someday!

I’m a chocoholoic. I firmly believe that there is no such thing as “too much chocolate” or desserts that are “too sweet.”

I’m a martial arts student at the wonderful Jade Mountain Martial Arts school in Katy, TX.

I enjoy watching TED talks and I “collect” inspirational quotes (I write them down whenever I hear or read them).